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This is our foundation wellness course designed for people who are want to take ownership of their wellness journey and learn where they are at on this road, know the latest science backed information on key wellness areas and on how to create successful lasting change and to develop a desire map - a road map - for stepping into and living at a level of peak wellness. The course is for all levels and is taught my world renowned Wellness and Life Coach, Alannah Young.


Program Delivery

This is a group workshop run online over four weeks. You will be given access to pre-corded content to review each week along with learning materials and exercises. Additionally, every week there will be a group learning and coaching live video class run by Alannah Young (30mins in length) where all the material will be reviewed, exercises completed reviewed  and a forum and opportunity for group wellness coaching.


The total cost for this cost is $455.


Wellness 101 workshop.

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